Day: Eight Maids a Milking
Work organised by: Rob Townley
Art produced by: Year 9 Pupils

Withywood Community School's work on the 12 Days of Christmas took place in normal lesson time during the Summer term with Year 9. Art schemes of work for this term feature an illustration/narrative Art project and this was the most appropriate time and place to work on this project.

Work began by exploring different narrative and illustration styles before more specific internet approaches were investigated for ideas of how animation and time based story telling can take place.

The 4 days of Christmas allocated to WCS were then talked through with brainstorm sessions taking place to decide on individual 'solutions' to the problem.

Pupils produced storyboards and gathered reference information before executing the finished illustrations. Single illustrations and key drawings for animations were carried out by all Year 9 pupils and the more successful were selected for final inclusion on the '12 Days' site.